5 Reasons to Have The Labiaplasty Procedure

slider-img1Women can find a multitude of reasons when they choose to go to a plastic surgeon to change something about them. The truth is that with the right procedure, a woman can feel even more beautiful but also confident.

This is actually what the goal is – to accept your body, but to give it a nice shape and aspect. The labiaplasty is a surgery dedicated to the intimate area of women. It’s dedicated for those women that feel like they have lost an important part of their body after they have given birth. If the woman in question doesn’t like the aspect of her intimate area anymore, later it can lead to sexual problems, as the woman will refuse to let her partner see her or touch her.

Here are some reasons why you should choose this surgery:

  1. It will give back confidence

The worst thing that can happen to a woman is to lose her confidence. If you feel secure with your body and you like how you look, there is no need to change something, but if you feel that this surgery will make you more attractive in the eyes of your partner, then you should choose is.

Confidence is very important for a healthy and normal sexual life – without it, you can be unfulfilled and it can also lead to health problems.

  1. It’s easy

Image-1-4-1030x1030It’s not a complicated surgery, because all that the surgeon does is to remove the extra skin from your exterior labia. There will be some fine scars left, but even if they are permanent, they will not be seen. That is an area that is rarely exposed, and never in public – you and your partner will be the only ones who know how exactly you look there, but it will give you the best confidence ever.

There are many labiaplasty surgeries that are made every day – as it is an easy surgery, the plastic surgeons have a lot of experience when it comes to this. To make sure you get the best results, choose an experienced plastic surgeon.

  1. A short recovery time

You won’t need a longer period to recover after this surgery. It’s true that there can appear complications, as with any surgery, but this is very easy and the recovery period is short. Because the incisions of the surgery are very small, and the skin that is removed is not from a large area, the skin will recover quickly. However, you will need to be very careful with the hygiene for some time – a thorough cleaning will be required every day.

  1. It will change your sexual life

Labiaplasty-TrimIt’s true that for women the aspect is very important, and they must love their bodies to be able to expose them, even to their partners. The labiaplasty will help you have an improved sexual life. Don’t think about wonders, because this surgery will not make you more sensitive to pleasure, but it will give your intimate area the aspect that you consider perfect – an aspect that you won’t be ashamed of anymore.

  1. Be conscious of the result

This means that you have to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery. Don’t choose it if you think your whole exterior aspect will be different or if you think your personality will change too. It is true that the main reason to have this surgery is to be more confident and to feel more beautiful, but this is all that will happen. In addition, the labiaplasty will modify only the aspect of your intimate area – it will not modify how you feel or how you react in your sexual part of life.

There are many other things you need to know about the labiaplasty procedure, so give us a call at Namasa and we’ll tell you all about it!

4 Labiaplasty Myths You Should Understand


There exists an increasing recognition for the aesthetic method labiaplasty within girls lately. That is essentially a process where the tissue or the labia minora is reshaped according to the necessary of the girl.

Every girl has personal labia like bodies and their person faces. While some girls feel suffering due to it while wearing clothes, big labia are a reason for humiliation for some girls. Some girls also work by eliminating some labia tissue at raising sexual sense.

Your aesthetic surgeon will discuss the process with you while listening to your own issues and aims if you choose a labiaplasty. Generally, it helps decrease the tissue surrounding the vagina, redefine the opening as well as helps right labia while the labiaplasty will be done to tackle your specific needs.

Like another cosmetic procedure, there are urban myths surrounding a labiaplasty, which ought to be clarified.

Myth no. 1: You are going to develop big labia with routine use of a vibrator.

Fact: Your labia dimension is determined at delivery; you’re both created with little or big labia.

Myth no. 2: The best surgeon will ensure there isn’t any scarring after labiaplasty.

Fact: As skin is incised this can be not true, there will be a scar. Yet with the correct techniques, it’s not impossible to decrease scar visibility.

Myth no. 3: A girl’s labia can be re shaped by any gynaecologist.

Fact: This can be not true, and a harmful thought as labiaplasty isn’t taught in medical college, and is a specialization area in cosmetic surgery.

Myth no. 4: Your sexual sense is ruined after a labiaplasty.

Fact: This can be false as labia will not be involved in arousal. At the most, you feel pain when they are split or are extended too much but don’t in any manner feel any sense that is sexual.

Any uncertainties removed and should be cleared during the private consultation you’ve with your aesthetic surgeon. That is significant as you should understand before getting it what you confronting and will be getting during a labiaplasty.

Locating An Experienced Surgeon To Execute Your Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty-6When you are contemplating the edges of vaginal restorative surgery, nothing is more important than locating the right plastic surgeon to your successful, secure, and fulfilling experience. Albeit the dangers are extremely reduced, like any kind of surgery, aesthetic or else, labiaplasty has its dangers. By selecting a seasoned specialist to perform your surgery yet, even these reduced risks can be significantly reduced. If you’ve got questions regarding the best way to find the surgeon to perform your labiaplasty, then you are about to get the responses you have been seeking.

Taking the First Step

Locating a doctor to discuss choices that are labiaplasty with is generally the initial step for women seeking solutions to problems which have been harassing them. Sadly, this can be among the most challenging measures for many girls for greater than one motive. First, several girls are put off by only the thought of having to bring the issue up to your physician. Second, several girls simply do not understand who to ask to begin with. It is normal to be anxious brining almost any surgery up with your doctor, particularly among this type of nature that is private. Here are a couple of guidelines to help you in narrowing down your choices, before you begin your hunt for the perfect plastic surgeon.

What Type of Coaching When Your Surgeon Have?

One of locating the right plastic surgeon to execute your labiaplasty of the problems is based on the reality that there presently exists no proper post-graduate certification plan for labiaplasty. What exactly does which means that? This means that while some cosmetic surgeons promising encounter with labiaplasty are really experienced, the others might promise to be experienced after having done two operations or just one. The truth is, the extent of it of some of these “seasoned” surgeons might belittle a lot more than a short lecture class and observation.

There’s something it is possible to look for so you’ll be able to rest assured a specific surgeon actually does have expertise in the concentrated area of labiaplasty while there’s absolutely no certification procedure. It’s possible for you to choose a plastic surgeon that has a variety of internship that indicates the surgeon has invested several hours operating under the tutelage of an experienced specialist, a preceptorship. The preceptorship includes hours of watching operations and helping in.

The Type of Processes Should Your Surgeon Use?

Another means to ensure you are choosing the right plastic surgeon for your vaginal restorative surgery will be to study the procedures each surgeon utilizes. A lot over the brief years has changed it’s been supplied. Initially, cosmetic surgeons relied on laser systems to execute vaginal restorative operations. Several sufferers skilled pain, swelling, as well as scarring as a result of extreme heat of the laser while these operations were generally successful. However, the laser stays the technique of selection for several cosmetic surgeons executing labiaplasty.

High frequency surgery is a less dangerous and more recent process that uses the most recent technology to decrease patients’ pain and post-operative discomfort. High frequency surgery utilizes engineering that is radiowire with an awesome point in order to avoid heat injury to epidermis and make someone’s healing time briefer, less distressing, and simpler. Finding a plastic surgeon that uses high pitch as an alternative to laser can make an impact in the results of the surgery itself and in the times and weeks after surgery.

What Sort of Experience When Your Surgeon Have

Labiaplasty is a comparatively new kind of surgery, therefore it is maybe not significant (or even sensible) to make an effort to search for a surgeon whose been executing vaginal surgery for over a decade. But this does not suggest that you can not locate a highly experienced surgeon or that expertise does not depend. A small quantity of surgeons happen to be performing for over several years. If you’re able to locate a person who offers depth and the ability which is included with years of expertise this can be a severe plus.

But even moreover, you should locate a plastic surgeon that performs labiaplasty often not sporadically. Surgeons who focus on vaginal restorative surgery are more difficult to locate, but totally worthwhile. Unafraid to ask any surgeon you are considering picking including how a long time they have been used about their expertise and how several labiaplasty that is effective operations they have done.

The ideal surgeon will give enough time and attempt to describing their processes and themselves to you personally in a sense which makes you sense comfy and understood. Once you locate a surgeon who provides that along with sound expertise, cutting edge engineering, and in-depth training, you will prepare yourself to make the selection regarding whether or maybe not vaginal restorative surgery is best for you.

Should You Consider Labiaplasty?


How the outside sex organs of one seem can occasionally change the self-respect of one. Some girls don’t like the look of outer folds which are too unusual or outsized, which is a disorder called labia that are protuberant. Girls who are sexually active or who go for tight-fitting clothing or bathing suits get embarrassed with this state. You will find cases when this causes bodily discomfort during intercourse.

Labiaplasty is a specific medical procedure that corrects a sensed “unattractive” labial look by the decrease in the outside folds of the labia minora, the tissue surrounding the vulva of the vagina. This procedure is done for aesthetic motives, medical functions or a combination of both grounds.

Labiaplasty should be considered

For contemplating getting Labiaplasty the primary motive is for the girl to feel good about herself emotionally and physiologically. For getting other grounds are:

• Labial trauma or ailment, like following childbirth
• Vaginal folds seeming oversize
• Unusual labia
• Hanging or labia
• Suffering in physical actions due to depth or the size of the labia
• Distress when wearing clothing due to size that is labial
• For a youthful-appearing vagina

The Process

Labiaplasty is so done as an out-patient procedure and is considered minor surgery. Traditionally, this can be done by slicing the extra skin afterward sewing over the border off. A disadvantage to the process is the extended vertical stitch line which leads to an abnormal look.

A more recent approach requires reducing on the epidermis that is protuberant into a V-shape and stitching the lower and top borders together. The suture line that is only afterward would appear to be a little transverse line.

This procedure is done-for 1 to 1.5 hrs with local anaesthesia although individuals are offered the choice to select general anaesthesia. Other processes may be done concurrently. Some girls may opt a hoodectomy, a process that give simpler sexual arousal to a girl and would make the clitoris more uncovered. An operation that would make muscles tighter, vaginoplasty, is still another surgery which could be done at once as the labiaplasty.


Threats to labiaplasty could be scarring, infection and haemorrhage. A minimal danger of under-correction is readily repaired by an additional procedure.

The guarantee of minimizing danger is barely through the providers of an accredited plastic surgeon. You should locate a cosmetic surgeon with experience and a significant background of the process many times. Speaking with preceding patients can additionally help.


Just slight distress would be experienced after the surgery, which is why pain-killer would be approved for several times. You can return to light tasks on the exact same day but the surgeon would advocate avoiding sexual activity for three or four weeks and significant exercises after surgery.

Although the region expectedly cures quickly there could be light to moderate swelling in 2-3 days. Labiaplasty is done with stitches that were soluble and the wounds are just observable after the lips and complete healing would become leaner and seem considerably better.


There’s some argument around Labiaplasty. It’s been called self-inflicted mutilation. Many worries claim the want for Labiaplasty was affected by media advertising; that media increased exposure of a “perfect” genitalia has got girls consider the look of the external genital look.

There’s, nevertheless, more signs that girls are favored by this process with protruding lips who encounter regular physical suffering.

Labiaplasty – Vaginal Plastic Surgery Irregular Labia Or Reshapes Big

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that vaginal rejuvenation is among the quickest-expanding plastic surgery procedures in the United States of America — rising 30% between 2005 and 2006 alone. Among the most used of these processes is plastic surgery to decrease and balance the dimensions of the labia minora, labiaplasty, or inner lips.

Although the trend may have started in Los Angeles and New York City, it’s certainly made its way into the heartland of America. Girls of backgrounds and all ages are seeking.

Why are a great number of girls choosing for labiaplasty?

Several factors are leading to the growing popularity of labiaplasty:
  • The total increase in plastic surgery. The recognition of bikini waxing — making women more aware of their genitals appearance. The wealth of sexually explicit content on Television, on the web and on the net — offering a standard of comparison to girls for his or her genitalia’ look.

What causes lips that are formed?

Child birth, genetic science or hormonal alterations can cause irregular or big lips. Surgery addresses function and the construction of the lips.

Labiaplasty can correct issues with both performance and the look of the genitalia of a girl. Some girls are embarrassed because their big labia are apparent when wearing a swimsuit or tight-fitting jeans. Others with big lips have discomfort or pain during sexual activity or while driving or exercising a bike.

Occasionally labiaplasty is insured by insurance. Irregular or big labia also can cause difficulties with female hygiene and urination. The additional skin is quite prone to diseases and wetness. It might be included in medical insurance if the surgery is medically necessary.

After their sex partner has made a remark about their genitalia sometimes, girls seek. But more generally, her bodily and emotional distress motivates the girl with her human anatomy.

Her narrative is shared by a patient:

“Carol,” a 26-year old girl, had labiaplasty to improve her big, irregular labia. “I had a 2-inches flap of additional skin on one facet, and a 1-inch flap on another,” she remembers. “It was really embarrassing in sexual scenarios,” she declares. “I would have aggravation, scraping and bleeding throughout sexual activity — and the additional skin irritated my partner, also.”

After her labiaplasty, Carol could barely wait to see the effects. “I have already observed myself in the mirror,” she stated soon after surgery. “I think it’s great! I sense like an ordinary girl!”

Choosing The Right Surgeon For Cosmetic Labiaplasty Correction Or Your Vaginal Restorative Surgery


Have you ever suffered from a vaginal restorative surgery that was poor done? Making the choice to experience vagina surgery is virtually never a simple one. It is an important investment of money and time, and for several girls the emotional expense is the greatest of all. When after everything – you are left with consequences which can be distressing, dissatisfactory, or worse, this can be among the feelings on earth.

If you have had an unsatisfactory vaginal restorative surgery, then you definitely should understand you’ve lots of choices that are outstanding. A vaginal cosmetic surgery revision process performed by a reputable and experienced surgeon may have the ability to repair the damage done during the first surgery and eventually give the results you have been needing to you. Read on to learn how.

Cosmetic Restorative Vagina Surgery

The expression vaginal cosmetic surgery encompasses several processes that are different. Girls experience such a surgery for various grounds – some practical, some esthetic, some a bit. Girls who encounter a loosening of muscles and the tissues as the consequence of other variables, the normal aging process, or child-birth generally seek vagina surgery named vaginoplasty to enhance overall tightness of the vagina, manage, and the power.

Labia majora decrease surgery and labiaplasty are for girls that have irregular or enlarged labia that keep them from enjoying existence to the fullest. Irregular or enlarged labia often leads to suffering and pain during many kinds of tasks including working, jogging, bicycling, skating, and more together with during sexual activity. Labiaplasty eliminates and restructures of the labia empowering the individual the freedom to love exercise without humiliation and pain.

Restorative Surgery Revision

Many surgeons who offer surgery providers that are vaginal simply do not have the formalized and experience instruction to supply results that are right. Vagina operations performed can cause serious or minor complications and perhaps an unattractive look. For girls who’ve obtained less than perfect results and had a vagina surgery, there’s the choice of vaginal surgery revision.

Is Vaginal Restorative Surgery Revision the Correct Choice?

Electing to get almost any surgery, aside from the gains it’ll bring, could be a nerve-racking choice where everything from prices, to benefits and possible dangers, to healing time must be carefully considered. Even more nerve-racking is having to go through it all over again because your expectations weren’t met by the first surgery. But no girl deserves to must undergo humiliation and the pain of managing the consequences of a vaginal surgery that is improperly completed. If you should be dis-satisfied with your vaginal surgery, then you certainly owe it to yourself to look from an experienced surgeon into a vaginal surgery revision.

What is Included in Vaginal Restorative Surgery Revision

During a vaginal cosmetic surgery revision, a fantastic surgeon will first satisfy with you the best way to bring it about and to discuss your vision. Vaginal revision may include reshaping, re-tightening, and methods to ensure the outcomes match with your expectations. Irregularities triggered from your first surgery can be smoothed out and scars might be paid off. Additionally, vaginal revision surgery can allow you to restore the self-esteem and self-confidence and that has been lost when your first vaginal surgery went incorrect.

Revisions in several instances need even more experience, instruction, and ability than do first vaginal operations. For that cause alone, it’s even more significant to choose the most seasoned and correct vaginal surgeon to your revision process. Below are some suggestions for choosing the best vaginal surgeon to your vaginal revision surgery.

Choosing the Vaginal Restorative Surgery Doctor

Locating a surgeon with ability, teaching, instruction, and expertise are paramount to obtaining the most effective revision surgery that is vaginal. Locate a surgeon with a strong academic history such as the residency plan he or she attended. But recall why these standards are just first of locating a surgeon certified to execute your revision that is vaginal.

Many surgeons might have the appropriate schooling background, but tiny to no formal learning performing vaginal surgery. Some surgeons are simply self-educated or simply have a short class on vaginal surgery before executing them and going out. A well-skilled vaginal surgeon could have examined one on one with the expert in the area inside a program that is comprehensive and extensive.

Moreover, make sure that the surgeon executing your vaginal surgery revision has the encounter to back-up any claim of expertise. Expertise means that the surgeon often performs revision operations and productive vaginal restorative. Do not be frightened to ask any surgeon you are contemplating just how many operations he or she performs per annum. Locating an experienced and well-educated surgeon often means the dissimilarity between vaginal surgery revision that is successful and still another emotionally, financially, and physically draining experience.

Labiaplasty – Genital Cosmetic Surgery: The Benefits And Dangers


In accordance with the 2013 Problem Number 3 of the Well-Being Journey Problem, the increasing numbers of girls customers getting Genital Cosmetic Surgery (GCS) can be partially explained by a heightened knowledge of the processes which are available these days. There’s an abundance of valuable advice concerning these processes on some top women’s mags in addition to on the internet.

Who’s the Greatest Surgery Candidate?

If you are troubled by the visibility, shape or dimensions of your labia minora a labiaplasty is beneficial to you. If you’ve got labia minora which can be big or especially long, and perhaps you experience some level of distress when wearing clothing which are tight-fitting or during exercising, the process would do you good.

Some girls are not pleased with the look of the labia minora. It may be that one aspect may be longer or bigger compared to other, or the look has negatively altered. GCS would be helpful for you as in addition, it improves your self-respect if you come under these groups.

The Pre-Surgery Measures

Your preliminary consult with the practitioner cosmetic surgeon will enable her or him to perform a clinical evaluation of your labia and discuss your medical history that is comprehensive. The surgeon will subsequently discuss at length the process including your private expectations after surgery and the early healing period.

Another consultation may be required, before the operation, to allow you an opportunity of asking any more questions regarding the surgery and to ensure you fully comprehending the process.

Make arrangements to be a way out of your day-to-day tasks for a couple of days to permit rest and proper healing after surgery. Additionally arrange for some body as you should not generate to choose you up after surgery.

The Surgical Procedure

In order that they do not protrude below the outside lips surgery usually entails decrease of the internal lips. The procedure is completed under a general anaesthetic and takes just about 45 minutes. The surgeon uses dissolving sutures, and scarring is really minimal.

Post-Surgery Care

Following the surgery you’ll simply be permitted up on completely recovering in the anaesthetic to go home. The surgeon or anaesthetist will prescribe some pain-relieving drugs in case you experience some moderate degrees of distress in the first day or two after your surgery.

Order to have some one stick to you overnight so that you simply do not extend the stitches with small home chores after being dispatched. The physician provides you with postperative directions that you simply must follow meticulously.

The Advantages

Based on the Journal of Sexual Medication Vol. 8 Problem Number 6 of 2011, most of the girls getting Genital Cosmetic Surgery report subjective improvement of sexual operate and total body picture fulfillment. Female GCS processes would seem to be improving the sexual experience of several sufferers and satisfying the want for aesthetic and practical enhancement.

Dangers of Complications

Genital Cosmetic Surgery comes with its conventional surgery dangers, including irritation, swelling, infection, bleeding and scarring just as in any surgical operation. Swelling and bruising are not unusual even though these should to be in around seven to ten times. A seasoned surgeon may have discussed the related dangers with you, properly ahead of time. On common, if preceeding to the procedure you had been healthy, the risk of any problems is not extremely high.

Labiaplasty – Significant Details To Think About Before Scheduling Surgery

Labiaplasty-2Some girls need to get a labiaplasty completed to decrease the dimension of the labia. You should look at several details before you take action, if you’re contemplating it. The outcome is generally long-term, and the process isn’t normally covered by insurance, so ensure that you put some thought into it.

Among the first things to understand is that you should just get the labiaplasty if it’s what you need completed. Whether this problem continues to be bothering you for years, and you can not workout without being in pain or use tight trousers, then it may be wise to get surgery. If you constantly feel self-conscious relating to this region of the body, and generally wish your labia seemed different, then this procedure could be for you.

Nevertheless, some girls feel forced to get the surgery done because the place to appear distinct is wanted by a spouse. If this can be true, your physician might maybe not do the surgery, and will probably have the ability to tell the thought just isn’t your own. The reason being, like another process, you must do it for the proper motives. You won’t always be with your present partner eternally, so putting up with a surgery to alter an area he will not enjoy may not function as best thought. The result is irreversible, so consider what happens if you find yourself not enjoying the results.

Another depth to feel about is you will want time to recover after a labiaplasty. You should take off anywhere from a day or two to some week off-work as with other surgical procedures. This sit or stand many the day mainly just applies to occupations where you happen to be sedentary, and most. If you workout throughout your employment or are energetic, you may must miss as much as a month approximately of work. Be ready to consider off this time, and make sure that the result you need is worth the required days or months off-work.

Additionally, you will should find an easy method to buy labiaplasty. Few girls find it is not medically unnecessary except in extraordinary instances, significance insurance will likely not insure it. In case you are unsure, it is possible to keep in touch with your physician and talk about how you may be limited by your present labia. Then you certainly should be ready to shell out-of-pocket if your physician determines which you just appear to need the process for decorative purposes. It can price hundreds of bucks, so be prepared.

It should be obvious that you just shouldn’t take this decision lightly. Get a consult with a plastic surgeon, if you believe you however need a labiaplasty after contemplating these particulars.

Helpful Information Regarding Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty-1Labiaplasty, also called labia reduction surgery, is a clinical intervention that is aimed at correcting how big the labias. It primarily addresses girls whose labias are possibly uneven or too huge, creating sexual distress and an embarrassing aesthetic aspect.

You happen to be the only one to determine maybe not or whether this surgery is perfect for you. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the surgeon to contemplate the biological significance of the small labia. It shouldn’t be corrected exceptionally because it shields the vaginal orifice.

A practically imperceptible hint is generally made covering both labias. To be able to supply a more symmetrical facet for the genital components during surgery the inner portion of the vulva is minimized or changed. It’s also recommended when the individual experiences discomfort during sex, biking or other related actions although surgery is generally performed for aesthetic goals.

In case you are a mom your labias enlarge or may bust, which can be another basis for selecting labiaplasty. By labiaplasty the surgeon will have the ability to fix any harm of the genital region, hastening the healing procedure.

This clinical intervention is done through a few tiny cutting for re Modeling the small labia used. Along with this, a wire is sutured and a unique dressing is used to every individual. In order for girls in order to wear panties comfortably a cleanliness pad can also be used. Eventually, the procedure that was labiaplasty may be performed under local anaesthesia, without needing hospital care, or under general anaesthesia, when hospital care is needed for several hours.

After surgery you should use big pants in order for the genital region to recover quickly. Also, showering the labias every day is required. There isn’t any need for eliminating it for yet another intervention since the suture will dissolve mechanically. You also ought to understand that any action can be restarted after a couple of weeks from the minute of the intervention, according to the level of sophistication of the procedure.

Without encountering any side effects, most individuals feel well after surgery. Nevertheless, there are some slight complications that will not be disregarded, like hemorrhage during the first hours. Thus, it is suggested that you simply stay under specialized oversight for a day or two.

As well as the asymmetry that is potential or facet of the labias problems contain localized inflammations followed by disease, which will be generally due to poor hygiene and are comparatively small. Gaining more self-confidence after surgery girls will beat any state of emotional distress and getting an enhanced physique image at exactly the same time.

Labiaplasty – Reclaiming Your Femininity

Labiaplasty PhotoEvery woman would like to feel sexy and attractive throughout their lifetime. However, life comes with its challenges and demands like childbearing and aging. Enjoying intimacy with your partner can be greatly hampered if you have long and hanging vaginal lips or labia. Very long labia can make you self-conscious when getting intimate, and this could hamper your level of enjoyment. There are ladies who even experience pain during intimacy and may be unable to wear well-fitting underclothes due to the pain and discomfort they experience as a result of extended labia.

Labiaplasty surgery

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is done to reduce the size of the labia. Most of the women that decide to go through the procedure do so because they experience discomfort, while others are simply unhappy with the appearance of their labia. As long as your vaginal lips are full and fatty, you can always choose to undergo labiaplasty.


There are two ways in which labiaplasty is carried out, the trim technique and the wedge technique. The trim technique is very common and is also referred to by many as the strip technique. In this method, the surgeon removes the excess skin from the labia’s edges. This technique is safe because it hardly results in any complications, and it gets rid of the dark and long edges of the labia.

The wedge technique on the other hand is conducted by removing the excess labia skin in the shape of a wedge. This method ends up removing a larger portion of the labia than the trim method.

The surgery

Image of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty usually takes an hour or two to complete, and the surgeon can either use local or general anesthesia. The excess skin is usually removed using a scalpel and the remaining skin is rejoined using stitches that can be dissolved into the body. Dressings are not used during this procedure, and you will probably be ready to go home an hour after the procedure.


After undergoing the procedure, you may experience some swelling and discomfort during the first few days. Most of the swelling subsides within a week and by six weeks, all the swelling should be gone. Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, a plastic surgeon that has been conducting this procedure for many years, has made a few recommendations.

He says that you should take at least one week off from work and abstain from sexual intercourse in the thirty days following the procedure. He also says that you can achieve a full recovery within thirty days if you closely follow your doctor’s instructions and take good care of the wound.


Labiaplasty does not have much scarring, and the scars are usually fine and well hidden in the folds of the labia skin. They are therefore not very visible. You can enjoy the results of labiaplasty as long as you live, since the results are permanent. However, make sure to discuss your expectations with your surgeon so you are clear about what to expect.